Speak at MN ISSA

We welcome submissions from across our local and national community for potential speakers and presentations for our membership. As we serve all domains across the information security spectrum and at many different levels from deeply technical to high-level governance, all topics are welcome and will be considered. Presentations must be educational and tool/vendor-agnostic.

Please send an abstract and bio, or simply a recommendation for a speaker you’d like to see, through the form below and our Program Director will respond.

We routinely survey our membership for topics of interest and common requests are shown below; however, topics across all domains will be considered.

1. PCI requirements / solutions; Compliance
2. Forensics
3. Attack methods / defense
4. Database security and best practices
5. Application and Cloud Security
6. Security Awareness and Education
7. Penetration testing
8. Data loss prevention
9. Security architecture
10. End-point intelligence


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