We are committed to promoting security education in the Twin Cities. As part of this goal, we want to support and encourage new skilled security professionals, and do this in part through direct financial scholarships of upcoming professionals.  We also offer volunteering, mentorship, and networking opportunities to upcoming professionals to jump-start their careers and further develop their knowledge.  Free or subsidized membership is also available for some students.  Please contact for more details.  

Advance IT MN ISSA Scholarship
To support Minnesota IT Security students in their careers, we partner with Advance IT to offer their students general tuition scholarships of $1000.  We encourage any student to apply who meets the following requirements:

  • a full-time student
  • currently enrolled in a 2 or 4-year undergraduate degree
  • in security or an associated field of study
  • attending a MNSCU institution.

Please apply by December 18; two recipients will be chosen and announced by December 22.  

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