Every year, we offer scholarships to students in cybersecurity programs across Minnesota.  We accept applications between November 26 and December 18 every year.

Beyond this scholarship, there are other valuable opportunities. 

One of the best ways of jump-starting your career is networking.  It sounds scary and dumb and takes time, but making friends and contacts that are already established in their security careers can help you get internships and jobs much faster than emailing strangers resumes.  Your network is like a garden; the sooner you start watering it, the sooner you get something good out of it. 

There are several easy ways to start getting involved.  One way is joining a local security association like MN ISSA.  There are also many other organizations in the twin cities, many of which we partner with: 

  • InfraGard – FBI outreach program
  • ISACA – audit focused
  • ISC2 – general security topics
  • ISSA – everything security, with a business perspective.  Lots of events, very active members, some sub-groups with focuses like healthcare and Women in Security. 
  • Sec MN – technical focus, new vulnerabilities discovered by members sometimes announced
  • OWASP – secure coding, with a focus on webapps
  • UMSA – puts on Secure360, some other conferences.  They also have a scholarship.
  • Various Meetups – different foci; the IdAM one is popular

A lot of these just allow you to show up and participate with no commitment.  If you like it, just keep going, and join when you’re sure it’s what you’re looking for.  At ISSA, we even have a free student membership program if you decide to stick with us.