Organization Chart

The MN ISSA Board of Directors is organized into several key functions:

  • Programs and Services – member-facing efforts that achieve our mission by providing events, education, and networking to our membership and local security community.
  • Operations – manages the services and technology required to deliver on our programs and services.
  • Fundraising – partners with sponsors and other sources to raise the necessary revenue to deliver on our mission and objectives.
  • Advisory Board – a group of active past presidents that serve in an advisory role to the current president and/or board of directors.
  • Audit/Election Committees – independent functions appointed to ensure proper officer transition and fiduciary management of chapter funds 
  • Subteams –  teams made up of board members and volunteers that manage large key efforts to delivering on our mission. 

Elected officers serve two-year terms and are elected by the general membership – President and Treasurer (odd years), Vice-President and Secretary (even years).

Other director positions are appointed and managed by the president, under advisement of the remaining officers, to fulfill key roles in delivering on the mission and managing the the association.

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