Committees and Sub-Teams

The Board of Directors utilizes various committees and sub-teams to assist with the management of chapter functions and events.

Members are encouraged, where they have interest or expertise, to speak with committee chairs, team leads, or any board member with feedback or about helping in these efforts. Participation is an excellent opportunity to build leadership skills and connections with other dedicated security professionals, all while making a positive impact our the security community.


AfterHours Event Committee
Responsible for planning AfterHours networking events at a minimum of four times per year.
Members: Events (chair), Communication, Marketing, Membership, Sponsorship Directors and Secretary.

Election Committee
Responsible for managing the process each year to elect two of the four chapter officers.
Members: Two chapter members of good standing (solicited each year) plus the President (even years) or Vice-President (odd years).

Secure360 Event Committee
Responsible for annual planning for the Secure360 conference booth for the chapter, related activities, and assisting with planning the ‘MN_ISSA AfterHours at Secure360’ event.
Members: Events (Chair), Communication, Marketing, Membership, Sponsorship Directors and Secretary.


Communications Sub-team
Assists the Communications Director with planning and content of communications, media, and website.
Members: Communications Director (lead), President, Marketing Director, Membership Director.

Financial Sub-team
Assists the Treasurer with developing and managing the annual budget and audit for the chapter.
Members: Treasurer (Lead), President, Secretary, Sponsorship Director.

Membership Sub-team
Assists the Membership Director with recruiting and services for the membership.
Members: Membership Director (lead), President, Marketing Director.

Professional Development Sub-team
Assists the Program and Education Directors with programs and services for member development.
Members: Program Director (lead), Vice President, Education Director, Membership Director.

Sponsorship Sub-team
Assists the Sponsorship Director with recruiting and services for chapter sponsors.
Members: Sponsorship Director (lead), President, Marketing Director.