Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for MN ISSA are all volunteers drawn from within the chapter, individuals donating their time, energy and expertise to ensure our membership and the local community benefit from quality educational programs and opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking and collaboration.

Participation on the board or any subcommittees is an excellent opportunity to build leadership skills, earn CPE credits, and build connections with other dedicated security professionals, all while making a positive impact our the security community.  Talk with any board member if you have an interest in contributing, or simply to provide feedback on how the chapter is doing.

Board of Directors

President (Elected)

Betty Burke (CISSP, CISA)
Industry: Healthcare

Board of Directors

Vice President (Elected)

Bob Bennett (CISSP, CISM, CISA)
Industry: Computer and Network Security
ISSA Fellow

Board of Directors

Secretary (Elected)

Candace Morse (CISM, CRISC, PMP)
Industry: Energy

Board of Directors

Treasurer (Elected)

Ryan Sather (CISSP)
Industry: Retail


Board of Directors

Communications Director (Appointed)

Maha Ganapathy
Industry: Information Technology


Board of Directors

Education Director (Appointed)

Dylan Evans (CISSP, PMP)
Industry: Information Technology and Services


Board of Directors

Event Director (Appointed)

Clea Ostendorf
Industry: Application Security


Board of Directors

Marketing Director (Appointed)

Rachelle Niemann
Industry: Consulting


Board of Directors

Membership Director (Appointed)

Maria Schuett (CRISC, GLEG)
Industry: Financial

Board of Directors

Program Director (Appointed)

Lee Ann Villella
Industry: IT and Software Sales

Board of Directors

Sponsorship Director (Appointed)

Matt Stellmacher
Industry: Computer and Network Security


Board of Directors

Technology Director (Appointed)

Casey Parsons
Industry: Student

Senior Advisory Board Members

Board of Directors


Kelley Archer (CISSR)
Industry: Information Technology and Services
ISSA Distinguished Fellow, Past President

Board of Directors


Curtis Coats (CISSP, CAP)
Industry: Government
ISSA Sr. Member

Board of Directors


Industry: Computer and Network Security
ISSA Distinguished Fellow, Past President


Security Education Awareness Group Coordinator

Board of Directors


Jill Feagans (CISSP, CISM)
Industry: Healthcare


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Officer and Director Roles and Responsibilities

(See Organization Chart)

President (Elected Officer)
Chief executive of the chapter. Preside at meetings of the Chapter and Board of Directors. Has the power to call special meetings if deemed necessary for the benefit of the Chapter. Has the deciding vote in case of tied decisions.

Vice President (Elected Officer)
Attends to the duties of the President in his/her absence or in case the President’s office may become vacant. Attends to any other duties as the President may require. 

Secretary (Elected Officer)
Helps with preparation of meetings and documents. Records and keeps minutes of all meetings and other chapter documentation. Performs a bank reconciliation monthly.

Treasurer (Elected Officer)
Maintains records of all membership dues and other monies or articles of value belonging to the Chapter, and shall keep an accurate account of all treasury receipts, expenditures, and deposits. 

Membership Director (Appointed)
Maintains membership lists and oversees the guest, recruitment and retention programs and activities.  Focuses on the services provided to, and participation and engagement of, all chapter members and guests. 

Education Director (Appointed)
Coordinates activities pertaining to educational offerings, certification, scholarships and sponsorships for the membership and local security community

Sponsorship Director (Appointed)
Manages the sponsorship program, including recruitment and retention of, and services provided to, chapter sponsors.

Communications Director (Appointed)
Manages the communication plans, mailing lists and correspondence (email or other) for the chapter. 

Marketing Director (Appointed)
Coordinates all branding and marketing related activity for the chapter.

Program Director (Appointed)
Manages the presentations, speakers, content and materials for all meetings and events. 

Events Director (Appointed)
Coordinates facilities and logistics for all meetings and events for the chapter.

Technology Director (Appointed)
Manages technology and information services for the chapter, including content delivery on chapter website and social media.

Past President
May attend board meetings and serve in a non-voting, advisory capacity to the board.